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Usmania Forts Islamabad is a soon-to-be-approved housing estate developed by SA Builders & Developers near the M-2 Motorway, with access from Thalian Interchange. According to the reports, the project represents the pinnacle of real estate infrastructure development. The entrance gate, according to the developers, will be the best in the country, with Ottoman-style features. The housing society will be the first of its kind and will be developed in a Turkish style, giving it a unique style.

Usmania Forts Islamabad Developers & Owners:

Shehzad Afridi is the Owner of Usmania Forts. A Builders & Developers are the builders of Usmania Forts Islamabad. In the past, the company completed various residential projects with good success rate. To meet the deadline, the program is executed by a highly skilled team of experts with years of expertise.
The Project is executed under the umbrella of Gulshan e Bahar Phase 2.All national and international infrastructure development criteria are met in order to live up to the promise of a renowned, luxurious housing society. The project will provide all of the basic and deluxe facilities at a reasonable price.

Usmania Forts Islamabad NOC:

The concerned development authority will soon accept Usmania Forts Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). Projects that have been approved and are authorized have a better opportunity of being finalized and accomplished. Probably, the housing society’s administration have submitted all required paperwork in order to acquire timely approval and to meet all of the parameters in order to meet the criteria for NOC approval.

Usmania Forts Islamabad Location:

Usmania Forts Islamabad is located beside the M-2 Motorway, which has direct access from the Thalian Interchange. This hosing project’s location is the single most significant selling feature, enhancing its economic value.

Usmania Forts Islamabad Accessibilities:

Usmania Forts Islamabad nearby Landmarks & Places:

Usmania Forts Islamabad Master Plan:

Usmania Forts Islamabad’s master plan would include all of the necessary and luxurious amenities. The master plan for the Usmania Forts is created by a group of highly qualified architects and engineers. The housing society is still in its early stages of development, which is why the management has not released official details about the project. We are sharing the details which we found from the credible sources. The Usmania Forts is expectedly offering several kinds of residential plots as follows:

Usmania Forts Islamabad Payment Plan:

Facilities & Amenities:

The Usmania Forts Islamabad provides modern amenities and facilities at a reasonable price. The facilities are an element of any modern affluent society that may be characterized as a full residential project.
The developers have set aside a significant portion of the land for the development of green spaces such as parks. Usmania Forts Islamabad is considered as the most affluent society, complete with modern facilities and conveniences. The following are the amenities available in the Usmania Forts residential property in Islamabad:


The society will offers an environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature lifestyle with all of the modern amenities. The close vicinity to nature will deliver a unique experience not seen in Pakistan’s housing societies.

Water Resources:

The interests of the residents have been taken into consideration by society. Water reservoirs will be built for this purpose, storing a huge volume of water that will be used by residents for everyday activities. Filter plants will also be a component of society to ensure that clean drinking water is provided.

Medical Services:

The developers have dedicated special attention to the society’s health facilities. The developers plan to build state-of-the-art international clinics and hospitals for this purpose. The emergency room will be open 24/7 with all the facilities available. Business & Commercial Hub: The developers have addressed all of the residents’ demands, including economic and commercial ones. As a result, society will establish a commercial zone. Residents in these areas can meet all of their commercial needs from within the community.

Gated Community:

A housing society needs a sense of security. A secured neighborhood provides security. People are protected by a security system that includes properly installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24/7.Moreover, to ensure a high level of safety, the society will be surrounded by a boundary wall with a foolproof system.

Usmania Forts Islamabad Salient Features:

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

M&G Marketing values its customers’ trust and transparency, therefore we recommend asking about the most up-to-date paperwork requirements before making reservations. To purchase property in Usmania Forts Islamabad, you will need the following documents:


Usmania Forts Islamabad is a housing development with a primary goal in mind: to provide residents with a world-class exquisite lifestyle. The main characteristics of this society are its luxurious facilities, accessibility, and location.
M&G Marketing strongly recommends to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in this society. You may also contact us to inquire about the pricing of an Usmania Forts file or any other relevant query.


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