Whether you are searching for a prime location to move to in Islamabad or desire to enjoy the finest facilities while living here. Park View City Islamabad has got it all and it’s your ultimate source for unparalleled urban living in the world’s 2nd most beautiful capital. From breathtaking views to cultural convenience there’s something for everyone at Park View City. Keep on reading to discover 11 reasons why you should be living in park view city Islamabad

park view city islamabad

As we all know, Park View City Islamabad is known as an urban paradise—featuring amazing scenic views and a vibrant downtown district with great restaurants, entertainment options, and plenty of shopping opportunities which will be offered soon. With spacious parks throughout town as well as quick access to nearby landmarks, you can get anywhere within minutes should you choose not be drive yourself around the town.

We assure you that Park View City is the best place to invest in Islamabad. We have created a list for you to make it easier to decide. Below are the top 11 reasons why you should be living in Park View City Islamabad as the perfect place to live.

Perfect Safety & Security

Although, most part of Park View city is still under developed but still security systems installed in Park View City guarantee you peace of mind knowing your family is safe. All streets have CCTV cameras while patrolling guards regularly keep watch over the premises at all times during daytime & night hours. Additionally, there’s 24/7 emergency medical service available which makes this area especially secure for seniors living alone or with families having young children.

Commercial Downtown

Of course Park View City overview would be in complete without mentioning the one of the best avenues of park view city Islamabad which is Commercial Downtown as it is perfect for new families or couples just starting out who looking forward settling down in one place. Commercial shops inside these areas are gonna build with unique finishing like walk-in closets built-ins bookcases balconies crown molding high ceilings tile floors with open layouts and state of the art designs.


Park view city Islamabad society is easily accessible through Malot Road and Simli Dam Road. It is a minimum 15 minutes’ drive from Serena Hotel. Park View City is situated in proximity to Kuri Road, Bahria Enclave, Kashmir Highway, and Islamabad Expressway. It is situated near the intersection of the Islamabad Expressway and the Kahuta Road. It is a planned society that includes residential properties such as houses and apartment buildings, as well as commercial properties and recreational areas. The location is attractive for many reasons such as proximity to the main landmarks, peaceful and serene environment, and easy access to main routes and it is well-connected to the rest of Islamabad and the surrounding areas which differentiate it from other societies of Islamabad

Most Eco-Friendly Housing Society of Pakistan

The UK-Pakistan Business Council has awarded Park View City with the prestigious distinction of “Most Eco-friendly Housing Society of Pakistan.” for  planting more than a million trees to create a greener and better living environment as they take cleanliness and social responsibility very seriously. However, a lot of housing societies in Pakistan are making real efforts to be more sustainable and environment friendly.

But the use of solar energy for power and heating, incorporation of green spaces and rooftop gardens

And construction of energy-efficient buildings are in plans of Park View City Islamabad which makes it most eco-friendly society of Islamabad

Serene Living with Splendid Views

Residents of Park view city Islamabad can enjoy the splendid views of Murree and Margalla and appreciate the scenic beauty all around while living here.Top notch world class amenities nearby botanical gardens, zoos and theme parks create unforgettable memories while having every kind of fun imaginable diverse weather available most times year truly make this destination ideal for family vacation, business trip and romantic honeymoon. So, are you ready for it? Plan a trip and enjoy scenic views of Margalla Hills

Multiple Residential Options

Multiple residential options are available such as 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots for the convenience and comfort of current and future residents.

Convenience of Terrace Plots

Terrace plots are for aesthetic views that never get old. Enjoy the top notch lifestyle while the beauty of Murree and Margala enchant you.

Most Beautiful Commercial Hub of Pakistan

Park View City is brings the most beautiful commercial hub of Pakistan. Downtown Islamabad is famous for its state of the art design. It is surrounded by a beautiful lake and commercial buildings inspired from Portuguese architecture. The most beautiful and profitable society of Islamabad has 6 & 8 Marla commercial plots.

Outstanding Commercial Project, “The Walk”

The society has commercial properties combining the best of both residential and commercial worlds. These include 6 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal commercial plots. Typically, in a planned development like Park View City, commercial properties are built and made available for lease or sale as part of the overall development process. However, I do not have the current information of the availability of the commercial properties on that specific location you asking about. It would be best to contact the developer or real estate agent for more detailed and current information about the availability of commercial properties in Park View City Islamabad.

Our upcoming commercial project, “The Walk” provides spacious commercial properties that offer 1 Kanal commercial plots that have all the amenities.

Luxury with Comfort: Golf Estate Park View Park View City Islamabad

The Park View Golf Estate block exhibits a combination of luxury, beauty, and royal sport with a dream residence. This residential block includes golf courses, lakes, luxury and comfort the way you want it.

Premium Amenities

Park View City offers premiere facilities that have never been seen before, such as magnificent mosques in the Turkish style, 100-foot-wide streets, multiple shopping centers, food court, botanical garden, and much more than you can possibly think.

By keeping an eye out for the items mentioned, you can keep an eye out for scams and frauds in the real estate market. For more informative real estate content, keep checking out our website. For the property sales and purchase, get in touch with us!

Have you found 11 reasons why you should be living in Park view city Islamabad. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us

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