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Capital Smart City is an upcoming smart city located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It boasts a variety of modern amenities such as 24/7 security systems, 5-star hotels & resorts. Also, shopping malls, state-of-the-art mosques and the latest urban infrastructure developments are part of the development. While Blue World City is also a newly launched housing society on Chakri Road near Rawat. It offers residential apartments with world class amenities including schools, hospitals, banks and commercial centers within its boundaries. Its master plan follows the principles of eco lifestyle living which respect nature while providing luxurious services to its inhabitants. Capital Smart City vs. Blue World City Islamabad are both large-scale commercial projects in Pakistan. There are various factors on which both Blue World City and Capital Smart City can be compared.

Comparison of Capital Smart City and Blue World City


Located on the Islamabad-Lahore motorway. For instance, Capital Smart city features a comprehensive infrastructure with superior finishing for its residents which includes electric cars charging facility . On the other hand Blue World City is Located near Chakri Interchange on motorway M2. Moreover further differentiating factor between these two investment opportunities lies in their sizes since Capital Smart City. It covers almost 17000 kanals of land compared to 125000 Kanals by Blue World city Islamabad. Blue World City is a promising real estate society of Islamabad located near the famous Thalian interchange, close to Rawalpindi.

Eco Friendliness:

Capital Smart City and Blue World City are two major real estate development projects in Islamabad, Pakistan. Capital Smart City is a master-planned community that claims to be ‘smart’ due to its high-tech features such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G cellular networks, autonomous vehicle technology and digital fiber optic infrastructure. On the other hand, Blue World City is an international city featuring modern amenities like healthcare facilities and multigenerational housing options amongst others. Both these developments provide convenient living spaces but differ slightly in terms of their purpose. Whereas Capital Smart city focuses more on providing residents with state-of-the-art technological solutions, Blue World City aims at creating an environmental diversity by establishing different commercial sectors within it structure so as to attract foreign investments into the country while also offering great lifestyle opportunities for locals residing there.

Price Range:

Capital Smart City offers residential plots for sale with prices ranging from Rs 4 lakhs to 1 crore. Also offers commercial property at a lower price range starting from Rs 10 lakhs up to Rs 20 crores.

While Blue World City offers Residential plots starting from Rs 3 lac and go up to 20 lacs while it also provides Commercial which is priced between 25 lacs to 65 Lacs. Both these categories are purely payment planning based so you can’t buy it instantly but have to pay installment plus interest rate base yearly or biyearly. They also provide various other types like shops apartments etc. varying their pricing Structure depending upon plot type, availability and size.


Capital Smart City Provides state-of-the art facilities such as 24/7 security system , Parks & Play Grounds Hi-Speed broadband connectivity ,Electric Power supply, gas, Water connections, Sewerage System International Education standards, Health Care facility, Fire Brigade , Banks, Shopping malls, Sports Stadium, Community center, Swimming pools, Horse Riding Club, Country, Golf club ,Restaurants Grand Mosque and Farm Houses Spreading over an area of 40, 000 acres .

On the other hand Blue World City provides the basic amenities provided by this society which includes water, electricity, parks, Grand Blue Mosque built on Turkish Standards. Security Guards, Forces School Hospitals ,professional maintenance management ,High Speed Internet Coverage, Waste Disposal System Basic Transportation Services, Gymnasium ,Cinema, Commercial Markets, Hospitality services Resilience, Planning ,Professional Maintenance Management , sewerage treatment plants, cafeteria Recreational Areas, Shops Township, 5 Star Hotel Veterinary hospital, Exhibition center ,University ,College which is only 30 mins Drive Away From New Islamabad Airport ,landscaping jogging tracks, lush green gardens, theme parks, box cricket courts, sports complex, shopping centers, medical hospital Emergency Rescue Teams, first Aid Center, health clinics, 100 % backup power ,kids Arcade Room, and Most Modern Lootery And Full Fledged Spa

Community Facilities:

Capital Smart City offers a wide range of community facilities such as mosques, play area for children, club houses and gymnasiums with top-of-the line equipment. On the other hand, Blue world city provides parks with jogging and cycling tracks alongside 32 bed hospital along with medical colleges affiliated to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU).


Both Capital smart city and blue world city have excellent transport links providing easy access to public transportation services such as bus services nearby. Moreover, Capital Smart City will be connected through metro train service from Rawalpindi soon whereas there are plans underway by BWC management to further improve local transport infrastructure including dedicated roads running between project site an ISB Airport Shamall Junction 1 via Kashmir highway.


Both projects offer high quality real estate development which includes Plots, Villas Apartments & Farmhouses plots at different prices depending upon location within each group housing schemes but most of these buildings have features like decked balconies air conditioned rooms etc. making them luxurious plus designers landscape greenery gives it aesthetic charm too besides all over provision regarding water electricity gas sewerage etc. makes both viable investments options dependent upon one’s budget constraints/limitation

Which is better option: Capital Smart City vs. Blue World City Islamabad?

Blue world city offers integrated access control systems where payments and transactions can easily made via contactless technology. Capital smart city provides fully automated luxurious homes within their housing units along with smart home automation features like voice commands for convenience of its inhabitants. As far as location is concerned both projects offer top notch construction quality yet differ mainly in their locations due to one being closer to main cities than the other. It really depends on your budget and your investment preference. 

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