According to the recent survey Islamabad the capital of Pakistan, is the second most beautiful capital in the world. As it is famous for its beauty it’s also considered as best shopping malls in Islamabad.    Have you ever noticed that life in Islamabad is full of entertainment and it’s all because of Malls in Islamabad. People like to go out side for fun specially after office work. They usually spend their evenings with family and friends.  People come from far places to explore Islamabad and they would like to visit its shopping mall of Islamabad. Here M&G Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Would like to discuss top 5 best shopping malls in Islamabad. In this time where petrol prices got rise and people dose not afford to travel from one place to other. Especially for shopping purpose. They would like to go at Malls of Islamabad.  Outsiders of Islamabad often come for shopping and its difficult for visitor to choose where they should invest their time and get quality product. If you are searching Shopping areas in Islamabad M&G Marketing is going to tell you about it.


Giga mall Islamabad location

It has largest shopping area in Islamabad. Giga mall has 63 Kanal total land. And it was opened in 2016. Haji Abdul Rahim Giga Pardesi started the Giga Group in the United Arab Emirates in 1956. (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz). The owner of Giga Mall is his grandson, Mr. Najeeb Amin Giga Pardesi. Giga Mall Islamabad is a recognized shopping destination that suits all of your specialized and particular needs. Together with top-notch options for leisure and entertainment, it offers a superb selection of stores.


Giga mall in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is located on Main Grand Trunk Rd, Defense Housing Authority Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory number 44000. Top mall of Islamabad facilities and entertainment With its distinctive architectural design, Giga Mall offers its affluent visitors a large and thrilling adventure. Unquestionably, the more than 200 brands of Giga Mall Islamabad offer the best clothing in terms of quality. Also, the Giga Mall cinema offers the most recent top-tier films. Yet while you tuck into the array of delectable foods in the Mega Mall food court, sync up with family and friends. We put a lot of emphasis on entertainment, so treat your kids to a thrilling excursion to the fantastic city.

It has five levels of dining, shopping, and entertainment options and offers its visitors cutting-edge amenities like wheelchair accessibility, secure and roomy parking, Wi-Fi, banking services & ATMs, foreign exchange, prayer rooms, restrooms, parent’s room, and smoke and fire warning systems. The twin towns of Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s adrenaline levels have been maintained thanks to Giga Mall. It also keeps surprising its customers with exclusive offers, events, and activities. Please visit the Giga Mall Facebook Page to receive the most recent information about the mall’s hours, brands, events, and sales promotions.

The Centaurus Mall of Islamabad

Centaurus Mall Islamabad

The Centaurus mall of Islamabad, which dominates Jinnah Avenue in Blue Area, has grown to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Islamabad, a precisely designed metropolis at the foot of the Margalla Mountains. It is not only Islamabad’s largest shopping mall. This impressive retail center in Islamabad, Pakistan, has over 200 locations for top national and international brands. It is conveniently reachable by Metro Bus and spans an area of 283,140 square feet.

Centaurus Mall Islamabad location

Location; top mall of Islamabad “The Centaurus Mall”

This three-skyscraper architectural wonder is situated in the center malls in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The property is made up of the five-story Centaurus shopping center, a lavish 36-floor hotel, residences, and business spaces.

The Centaurus retail mall in Islamabad is one of the best places to visit, regardless of whether you want to shop or not. This magnificent mixed-use real estate development offers much more than a standard retail experience to the people of the green city, including open-air cafés and boasting a children’s play area.


Together with a wide range of boutiques, bookstores, jewellers, opticians, and hundreds of other stores, the opulent shopping centre also has Cineplex, one of Islamabad’s top movie theatres. On the fourth floor of this premier commercial complex lies Funcity, the city’s first of its type family entertainment centre. In addition to approximately 50 various kinds of arcade and video games, the location offers exhilarating rides for both children and adults.

One of the best food courts in the city is located at the Centaurus, and it offers everything from quick food outlets to restaurants providing genuine cuisine from around the world. If food courts aren’t really your thing, you might want to check out some of the eateries on the terrace, which have lovely views of the magnificent Margalla Hills. One of the top retail centres in Islamabad also offers electronic directories, round-the-clock security, an emergency response team, mobile charging stations, ATMs, wheelchair help, and many other amenities. Also, like the other top 5 mall of Islamabad this mall offers specially designated prayer spaces for both male and female guests. As well as well-designed baby changing rooms. Baby strollers and kiddie carts are also accessible to parents of young children in the mall.


Safa Gold Mall Islamabad Map

Are you a newcomer to Islamabad or just passing through? Do you want to know where to find top fashion brands in Islamabad? Simply go to Safa Gold Mall to enjoy a brand-name shopping extravaganza! The mall offers a variety of entertaining things for you and your family to enjoy in addition to shopping. Safa Gold Mall also provides a safe atmosphere for your children to play in.

Address; Safa Gold Mall is one of the best shopping malls of Islamabad. It is located in the heart of Islamabad, on College Road, Sector F-7. Having with more than 150 national and international brands.

Young children and teenagers have a designated play area in the Safa Gold Mall with games like bowling and several kid-friendly indoor rides. In the form of kiosks and stores located in the food court, some of the biggest food brands have left their imprint on this mall.


The Safa Gold Mall has a number of unique amenities, including a sauna, swimming pool, ATMs, free internet, wheelchair accessibility, separate prayer rooms for men and women, plenty of parking, and more. This ultra-modern mall also houses Leisure City Bowling Club, one of the top bowling alleys in Islamabad.

Moreover, Safa Gold Mall provides tourists with the chance to savor a delectable meal at its rooftop restaurants in addition to a food court that houses outlets of a number of well-known restaurants in the city. Fitness and health lovers can also participate in yoga or strength training programmes at the on-site fitness center.

Olympus Mall

Olympus Mall Islamabad f11

The Olympus Mall, Islamabad’s latest unique endeavor into the field of retail and leisure is the most widely anticipated project awaiting completion in Islamabad since the city was named the capital of Pakistan.


Plot 23, S 11, F 11 Markaz F-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Its developers are AFJ that are having impressive history. The Olympus Mall is expected to drastically change Islamabad’s retail landscape within its first year of operation and establish itself as the gold standard for high-quality Pakistani retailing nationwide. The project, which is influenced by the neoteric standards established by malls in the west and is situated in the developing residential and business area of F-11 Markaz, will definitely be a striking sight once it is finished.


In order to ensure customer happiness, the Olympus Mall has given its patrons an enormous amount of parking space that spans the front and back of the building and can hold a sizable number of patrons. It will have cutting-edge amenities like a central air conditioning system with an internationally recognized auto temperature control brand. Modern CCTV surveillance is used in a fail-safe security system. Elevators and escalators with high speeds and auto safety controls. modern fire suppression system with heat sensors and smoke detectors. Every floor will have separate restrooms for men and women in addition to communal seating areas for patrons to unwind. The Olympus sanitation services crew will have attendants on duty throughout business hours to ensure proper hygiene.

Project Descriptions & Offerings:

On a total of 120,000 square feet of land, this complete project is built, and it includes stores, a grocery store, a food court, a play area, and an incredible rooftop restaurant. There are available for reservation stores, offices, and apartments that can provide investors with excellent rental options practically immediately. The project’s structure is totally finished, and finishing work will soon be finished as well. Also, the developer is providing its investors with the option of instant possession.


The Amazon Outlet Mall is a significant business endeavor in Rawalpindi. The theme of this megamall is “Amazon Rain Forest.” As the innovator in themed infrastructure, it must alter Pakistan’s commercial arena’s façade. It is determined to establish itself as a symbol of urban growth. Additionally, it plans to offer a distinctive indoor shopping experience. For luxury shoppers and those with an eye for design, Amazon Mall would never be anything less than bliss. This outstanding project is being undertaken by the conglomerate Imarat Group of Companies, which has multiple businesses working on it.


The Amazon Mall is located on main GT Road, just outside of DHA Phase 2. Thus, it is very easy to get to from any part of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Other significant projects like Giga Mall, Swana International, Bar B.Q. 2 Night, etc. are close by. Also, the Amazon Outlet Mall location is regarded as a prime and landmark investment.

Amenities of Famous mall

  • 24/7 protection and observation
  • maintenance personnel
  • dependable elevators
  • Exercise facility Swimming pool
  • theatre Children’s play area
  • Structure resistant to earthquakes
  • Specialized rooftop lily pads for restaurants, cafes, etc.
  • Corporate buildings
  • Themed Flooring

Amazon Outlet Mall takes pleasure in showcasing a unique and cutting-edge structure amid the depressing GT Road neighborhood. It extols the virtues of cutting-edge architecture and technology. The structure is constructed in the shape of a ship and has exotic interior and eye-catching exterior.

Amazon Mall will be a fashion center offering numerous well-known brands under one roof, with aqua and flora characteristics. Amazon Outlet Mall houses a shopping mall, food courts, corporate offices, and more alternatives for entertainment under one roof. It offers a comprehensive range of amenities & services to its guests. It aims to change the Twin Cities’ economic and business climate in addition to being a beautiful structure. One of the most eagerly awaited projects in town is Amazon Mall.


These were the top 5 shopping malls in Islamabad. People living in far areas come for the shopping and get fed-up with whether t go or not. M&G Marketing has mentioned the top 5 Malls you could easily find everything there. There are countless shops of national and international brands. The Centaurus Mall, GIGA Mall, Safa Gold Mall, Olympus Mall, and Amazon Mall. Each mall has its quality where all desires are fulfilled. The Centaurus Mall is located in F8, in the middle of Islamabad in a prime location. On the other hand, Giga mall is the location at the junction of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Don’t worry if you are looking for an apartment because these malls have luxury apartments in easy installments. These malls offer smart and furnished apartments. If you want to invest in the apartment you can directly visit M&G marketing Islamabad or you can’t contact us every time.

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